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All EU and UK citizens that wish to pursue a full-time postgradaute degree in the UK are eligible to apply for our Smart Student Loan. You do not need to be enrolled at a UK university yet to be able to apply. However, we will only be able to disburse your loan, when you started your full-time postgraduate degree.

Funds4Talents will launch in 2019. We therefore do not have a formal application process in place yet. However, if you wish to be considered for our first loans, you can already sign up with your email now. We will then get in touch as soon as we have launched and you will be able to apply for Funds4Talents easy and hassle-free online.

Funds4Talents wants you to study carefree. For this reason, we not only fund your tuition fees, but also living costs if required. During your application, you will be able to state the amount that you would like to get funded.

A traditional loan focuses on your current financial situation, requires you to bring a guarantor and usually involves fixed and inflexible redemption payments. Funds4Talents’ Smart Loan does not require you to bring a guarantor and focuses on your future success rather than your current financial situation. This means that we will charge you a percentage of your future income. Hence, repayment with Funds4Talents adapts to your financial situation and leaves you with much more flexibility after graduation.

Funds4Talents wants you to unfold your full potential. Therefore, you will only start paying back after you found a job and started earning a salary.

Funds4Talents will charge you a percentage of your future income. This percentage rate will be determined after we have analysed your application and will stay fixed for the whole period. Your individual rate depends on the selected university, course of study and the amount of financial support. Usually, this rate will be between 6 – 8 % of your monthly gross income.

You will have to repay the amount you borrow from us, plus any interest charges that occur. Therefore, your payback period will depend on the amount borrowed and the development of your future salary.

Apart from the borrowing amount you will have to repay rolling interest charges and a small servicing fee of 2.5 % of the borrowing amount. Usually, we apply interest rates of 8 – 10 % and an APR of 9 – 12 %, depending on your programme of study and university.

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